Handling fee


As of 1 July 2023, the following changes will apply with regard to the handling of your transit file:

  • The IRPC (BE004) asks a fee of 500 EUR* for the handling of your documents, except for transfers with one transit via a Belgian seaport.
  • The IRPC (BE004) provides an online reporting system for transport notifications (articles 16.b and 16.d). The notifier and the consignee can enter transport notifications online after they have committed and registered themselves. Please keep in mind that this system is exclusively linked to the IRPC database. The data entered will therefore not be shared with online systems of other authorities involved.
  • When, for a notification to which the fee applies, the notifier and the recipient commit to submit the transport notifications themselves electronically, an immediate discount of 250 EUR* will be granted. Please note that this discount will be cancelled if the commitment is not met by one of the parties.







(*) As of 1/1//2024, the fee is EUR 500 for the standard handling of your transit file and EUR 250 if  you submit the transport notification electronically.








Interregional Packaging Commission (IRPC)