The responsible company, i.e. the party responsible for packaging, is of Type A, B, C or D:

Type A: Any party that packages or has goods packaged in Belgium with a view to or when placing them on the Belgian market;

Type B: Where products placed on the market in Belgium have not been packaged in Belgium, any party importing the packaged goods (or that has them imported) and that does not unpack or use them itself;

Type C: With regard to industrial and commercial packaging waste arising from products that do not come under type A or type B, any party that unpacks or uses the packaged goods in Belgium and is thereby deemed responsible for the packaging waste generated;

Type D: With regard to service packaging, contrary to the above, any party that produces service packaging in Belgium with a view to placing it on the Belgian market, and any party that, where the service packaging is not produced in Belgium, has imported it with a view to placing it on the Belgian market, or any party that imports the service packaging and itself places it on the Belgian market, whether or not they are retailers.



Interregional Packaging Commission (IRPC)